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Motion Blur

Andrea Paolini Merlo is a dancer and choreographer at the Hungarian National Ballet Company.  And she photographs her fellow dancers in such a way that the choreography is still evident in a still photograph.   Her images are stunning.  You can feel the movement and energy these mere humans use to elevate their bodies past ordinary, … Continue reading »

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Sky and Silhouettes

I grew up in a place where the sky is the scenery.  The land stretches all the way to the horizon in every direction. Maybe because of this, I have always felt comfortable with the barrenness of the sea.  It has always been more important to be able to see lots of sky than to … Continue reading »

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Waste Landscape

This bunch of fabulous was created by French artist Elise Morin and architect Clémence Eliard. They took 65,000 old CDs and hand sewed them together into this shiny quilt of awesomeness. ‘Waste Landscape’ is installed in a public space in Paris, and is part of Paris’s Centquatre.  The piece will be on display through September … Continue reading »

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Tonight is the party to celebrate 100 episodes of the TV show that I work on.  I started there soon after I was a new MFA grad.  It was not my first job or even first “real” job, but it has been my longest job (by a lot).  These people took me in, got me … Continue reading »

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Wanderlust Daydreams: Split

On this Friday I am dreaming of escaping to somewhere warm and sunny near the water and – wait, I live in LA – so somewhere else warm and sunny by the sea. I keep looking at this hotel in Split, Croatia.  It is within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace.  Which is an awesome place … Continue reading »

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Shadow Happy

This summer I stumbled into a truly magical art instillation at Denver International Airport, called Shadow Happy. It will be up all year on the bridge between the terminal and concourse A (which is apparently how those in the know get through security with shorter lines).  The artist Brianna Martray folded over 10,000 (!) paper … Continue reading »

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Color: A Natural History of the Palette

I just finished this lovely book by Victoria Finlay. Each chapter focus on where “the colors come from.”  That is, how colors go (or went) from natural ingredients to the artist’s brush.  I found it fascinating how toxic many of the natural colors are. And on a purely personal note, I love how easy it … Continue reading »

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Plain Sky

I am not going to get to go home this summer. Summer seems incomplete without a trip to the plains. To the prairie.  It is a land of harsh realities, and breathtaking skies. As I age, my ties there are slipping away.  My parents no longer live there.  They sold my childhood home this past … Continue reading »

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Summer Nights…

I want to transport into this world. the lanterns, the flowers, the  white dresses, the wild English garden… Sometimes you get a moment in time that is so perfect it knocks you sideways, but most often the perfect moments are gentle and almost timid.  You have to look up and notice it standing on the … Continue reading »

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Outstanding Under a Tent

In June I had the great pleasure of attending an Outstanding in the Field dinner. This was a Christmas present that we had to wait to enjoy.  I have been wanting to go to one of these dinners for about two years.                   We drove to Lompoc, … Continue reading »

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