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The History of Love

When I got home this evening I had a surprise waiting for me. I will probably have to wait for the weekend to start reading, but I can’t wait!

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A fantasy and a dream yet riddled with reality…

  I just found Brooke Shaden’s work through Honestly WTF, and I spent about an hour looking through her site. Her images are sometimes disturbing, yet always beautiful.  In her artist’s statement she writes about creating worlds through images and about visually representing the stories she has in her mind. I might be drawn to … Continue reading »

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Soo Lee

I have some of the most amazingly talented friends… I met Yoonsook (Soo) on our first day of grad school.  She was wearing green silk platform heels with pink flowers, and a cute dress.  I was wearing Doc Martin boots and jeans.  I thought to myself, “wow, this girl has no idea what she just … Continue reading »

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Hello world!

Yes, I know that is the default WordPress title – but I think it apt. I’m Sarah, a designer.  I have a MFA in scenic design for theater.  Now I work in TV as an assistant art director.  Eventually I will be a production designer, but for now I choose doorknobs, measure locations and generally … Continue reading »

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