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Moments in Time

These miniature sculptures are amazing!  Each one tells a little story with the simple movements of the hands of the watch. From the artists’ website: “Dominic Wilcox has created a series of miniature time-based sculptures using a collection of vintage mechanical watches and customised model figures. By attaching tiny figures onto the second and minute … Continue reading »

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90 Days One Dream

Fashion photographer Kristian Schuller has released an ebook 90 Days One Dream.  His work is breathtaking.  I am partial to photos that capture the beautiful way fabric can interact with the elements (wind, water).  These photos were taken over 90 days, while traveling to beautiful locations.  Apparently, Kristian is a regular photographer for Germany’s Next … Continue reading »

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Eating Fall

I have just started reading Sweet Paul Magazine online.  It is pretty much perfect, the styling, the photos, the variety of articles; everything is very well done.  Often online magazines don’t feel as curated as their print counterparts.  This one is SO well curated that I am forever left wanting more (that is a good … Continue reading »

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The Lost Poem

Ever since I saw my friend’s converted church home when I was in high school, I have loved the idea of living in a chapel.  I love pretty much all nontraditional spaces converted to living areas, but church conversions are my favorite. This B&B in Belgium looks amazing – Het Verloren Gedicht (The Lost Poem).  … Continue reading »

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Under the Stars

These photos remind me of the area around my hometown.  The Homestead Act (the one in 1909) gave people 320 acres to dry land farm.  That was enough land for a few years, but in the thirties the drought (what is sometimes referred to as the dust bowl years, or the dirty thirties) caused many … Continue reading »

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Glass Igloos and Northern Lights

I have never been able to see the appeal of the ice hotel.  It just looks cold and dark to me.  This however, is something I can totally get excited about. These are little glass igloos with a small bathroom and a luxury bed, so you can sleep out under the northern lights (and a … Continue reading »

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Cake and Champagne

Sunday was the baby shower – I co-hosted with the mom-to-be’s mother in law.  We got along well and had a great time, but I don’t think we are the best party-throwing partners.  We both think that it would be the worst thing in the world if there is not enough food (seriously this is … Continue reading »

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balloons vs lanterns

This weekend is all baby shower all the time. I am making a baby-boy-blue layer cake tonight.  Then I’m stewing beef for shredded beef taco salad tomorrow, and making knox blox jello; along with picking up the helium tank for balloons, and running to Target for baby Price is Right game supplies. I would love … Continue reading »

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I grew up in a landlocked state.  Landlocked by over 1,000 miles.  I saw the ocean for the first time when I was 13, and I was one of only a few people in my class to have been to a coast when we graduated from high school.  Perhaps this is why bodies of water … Continue reading »

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The Moth

The human condition is fascinating.  I love stories.  Listening to stories, telling stories.  I don’t think this makes me special, on the contrary, it is pretty much universal.  It is fun to sit in the dark and listen to a good story. Last night I went to The Moth Storyslam.  It was a good show … Continue reading »

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