balloons vs lanterns

Posted by on September 16, 2011

This weekend is all baby shower all the time.

I am making a baby-boy-blue layer cake tonight.  Then I’m stewing beef for shredded beef taco salad tomorrow, and making knox blox jello; along with picking up the helium tank for balloons, and running to Target for baby Price is Right game supplies.

I would love to hang a million lanterns like this photo.  My pregnant friend is Korean, and I think she would love this.  Time and money constraints (is it not always the way).  With that in mind, this is my inspiration photo.  I don’t know who took it or where, but I love it, love it, love it.

Photos on Monday.

2 Responses to balloons vs lanterns

  1. agirlandaboy

    Have you considered a compromise between the two? Hang balloons in a line like lanterns! Cheap and easy!

    • Sarah

      That is an amazing party room! It looks fabulous – we ended up just using helium balloons in bunches. It was festive, but not nearly as cool.