Beach Day

Posted by on September 6, 2011

One of the great adjustments to adulthood is the lack of a fall indicator.  Work just continues.  There is no going back to school to mark the end of the summer.  In a way (in California at least) this is nice because I can pretend it is summer well into October.  (I was talking with an older production designer about this phenomenon and he agreed saying, “yeah, I moved out here from New York in the spring, and now 20 years later, it’s still summer.  I keep thinking it’s still the same summer.”)

Anyway, I realized that it was indeed Labor Day long about 8am yesterday, and also realized that I had not been to the beach this summer at all (not even to run).  It seemed like that needed to change.  Enter Zuma beach.  The waves were big, there were a couple of good surfers to watch, we saw dolphins out beyond the breakers twice… It was a good day.

This is a tough time of year for me personally.  It is the anniversary of a profound loss.  Sitting on the beach watching the waves was good medicine.

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