Posted by on September 6, 2011

As a teenager I was very interested in ceilings.  I am not entirely sure where this came from.  My high school had unusual ceilings and I spent quite a bit of time being bored there.  So it follows that I really knew what those particular ceilings looked like.  I have to admit, I have fallen down in recent years in the art of ceiling appreciation.  I can tell you in detail, I can probably draw a pretty reasonable sketch, of my math classroom’s ceiling.  But I have no idea what the ceilings in my grad school apartments looked like.

I do maintain that the Great Court at the British Museum is my idea of a perfect space, and it is defined by that ceiling.

I found a slide show of  inspiration ceilings over at Elle Decor.  Nothing that could not be done with some time and determination.  My current apartment has very lackluster ceilings.  It is a failing.  I should probably remedy that.

Like this – glossy paint makes everything pop.

Or this, I could totally hang some paper lanterns.  It would be best to have some sort of light inside them, or above them…

This is quite a bit more daunting.  But it could totally be done.  Maybe with wallpaper sections… And the birdcages are fab too.

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  1. rebecca

    the bubble lanterns are pretty intense.