Eating Fall

Posted by on September 26, 2011

I have just started reading Sweet Paul Magazine online.  It is pretty much perfect, the styling, the photos, the variety of articles; everything is very well done.  Often online magazines don’t feel as curated as their print counterparts.  This one is SO well curated that I am forever left wanting more (that is a good thing).  Paul uses the freedom on online publication to fill his magazine with tons of articles and photo stories.  This quarter I am quite taken with his fall ingredients recipes.

Beets have become one of my staple purchases at the market.  I eat them a couple of times a week in salads, with pasta, all alone…  They can overpower more delicate flavors, but their flavor is not too strong alone.

Pears are also too often overlooked.  I don’t really enjoy eating them raw, but as an cooked element in so many dishes they are divine.  Last Thanksgiving we used pears as a unifying element in a wide variety of dishes.  They made the whole meal really pull together and sing.

I can’t wait to try his recipes.  They look delicious.


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