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Raw Space

And then I come across something like this. I live in a pretty roomy two bedroom apartment.  It’s fine.  But when I see spaces like this one I yearn for the openness, the sheer volume of air, the light on all sides. No one lives here – it is a rental studio space for photo … Continue reading »

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on top of the tower

There is a family that lives in the pyramid on top of the Smith Tower in Seattle.  I read about this amazing apartment last week on stephmodo, and I can’t stop thinking about it.  The NY Times article on the family explains that this woman Petra Franklin Lahaie, decided to live there and then made … Continue reading »

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The Best Tea in All the Land

Bird Pick Tea has become one of my favorite places.  I went this weekend to stock up as I was running low on some of my favorites. They are serious about the tea, but not in an intimidating or snobby way.  You are encouraged to walk around their pretty store and smell the different varieties … Continue reading »

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As a teenager I was very interested in ceilings.  I am not entirely sure where this came from.  My high school had unusual ceilings and I spent quite a bit of time being bored there.  So it follows that I really knew what those particular ceilings looked like.  I have to admit, I have fallen … Continue reading »

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Beach Day

One of the great adjustments to adulthood is the lack of a fall indicator.  Work just continues.  There is no going back to school to mark the end of the summer.  In a way (in California at least) this is nice because I can pretend it is summer well into October.  (I was talking with … Continue reading »

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