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The Air Up There

When I was about 15 my best friend’s mother gave us some word of wisdom.  “Everyone knows one or two subjects really well.  They might be completely ignorant about everything else, but in those subjects they are experts.  Unfortunately in this town, most of the men have chosen to be experts about the weather.  That’s farming … Continue reading »

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Look Up

I may have mentioned my ceiling preoccupation before… These two installations combine two of my perennially favorite things: interesting ceilings and repetition. As part of ArToll Summer Lab 2011 the artist Regine Ramseier collected 2,000 dandelions that had gone to seed, sprayed a gentle adhesive on them, transported them by car to a little white … Continue reading »

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London Fog on the Wall

As a kid, I remember talking about Sherlock Holmes with my dad.  He had never been to London, and we both romanticized the notion of the “pea soup fog” we had read about.  That fog was also a lot of coal smoke and very unhealthy to breathe, but fog that you could disappear into sounded … Continue reading »

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Himmeli in the Home

Himmeli are a traditional Finnish decoration.  Basically a mobile constructed of geometric shapes made from straw and string.  Some shapes are bigger, some are smaller.  It looks like the traditional ones are pretty symmetrical (but modern ones don’t have to be!). They are associated with Christmas.  In the old days, a himmeli was hung over … Continue reading »

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Moroccan Boucharweit Carpets or Color Run Fabulously Amok

Maryam lives and works in Marrakesh, Morocco with her family.  Their boutique guesthouse, Peacock Pavilions is a post in itself for another day.  Today is about color and pattern and texture in beautiful rugs.  Rugs made from rags. These are Moroccan boucharweit carpets, or Moroccan rag rugs.  They are made from strips of worn out … Continue reading »

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Relevé Design

These beautiful lighting fixtures are handmade by a small company in New York.  I am completely taken with this idea – these lights are made from plastic 6-pack rings!  Often we see art installations and pieces reusing post-consumer waste, but rarely are those materials used in home design elements (especially in a recognizable form).  These … Continue reading »

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Volumes of Space

The summer between my first and second years of grad school, I was lucky enough to backpack in eastern Europe for a few weeks (totally on the cheap – and incidentally, this was the trip where I fell in love with Croatia).  I flew from LA to Prague with a 12 hour layover in London.  … Continue reading »

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Sleeping in the Treetops

One of the very first movies on video that my family owned when I was growing up was “The Swiss Family Robinson.”  I loved the treehouse.  When I was 22 and finally went to Disney World (deprived I know) the treehouse there was one of my favorite parts.  Incidentally, now the Swiss Family Robinson (SFR) … Continue reading »

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the area located between art and design

A few days ago I wrote about making sets out of what ever I had a lot of.  Today I ran across a perfect example of taking a simple, inexpensive product and using it in abundance to make art. Megan Geckler is an instillation artist based in Los Angeles, best known for using plastic ribbon … Continue reading »

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Cloud Cities

I might have to find a way to get to Berlin this fall… In Berlin’s Hamburger Bahnhof (a former railway station) Tomás Saraceno has installed over 20 huge spheres suspended at different heights in a network of black mesh.  Within each orb is a different organic material like water or plants or air.  This work … Continue reading »

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