The Impact of Repetition

Posted by on October 7, 2011

When I was working as a theater set designer on a tiny little bit of a budget, I would often design a set around something that I had a lot of.  So, if I had a lot of drapery fabric donated to the theater, I would find a way to make a set out of fabric.  If I found a place to buy 20,000 plastic balls cheap, you can bet I tried to work a ball pit into the next show.  I always tried to design for the play, but for sure I was influenced by what was available.

I saw this window display, for Allsaints Spitalfields, for the first time a few years ago.  It is a great example of how repetition makes art.  The impact of a wall of sewing machines, well displayed is impressive. This is the kind of thing I was always striving for.  The display says something about the product (it’s a clothing store), but the concept elevates what could be just a display to art.

Now maybe the designers knew what they wanted to do from the beginning.  However, I like to think they were looking for maximum impact, but had no money.  So, when they were opening their first store they decorated with what they had on hand.  They did an amazing job of it.  This has become a signature look for all the stores worldwide.

All images from 5 Magazine.

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