Posted by on October 5, 2011

I am completely taken with this idea.  BetterWall sells museum banner ads from all over the country.  They are prints on vinyl or heavy-weight canvas, and have been displayed on streetlamp posts and museum facades.  This website sells them, with a portion going back to the museum.  So, the banners don’t go to the landfill after the exhibit, you get great wall art, and the museum benefits.  Sound like win, win, win.

From the website: “there’s more to the banners than just images on vinyl.  As unique objects produced in limited editions, the banners embody great art, great museums, and contemporary advertising trends.”  It looks like most of the banner are 35″ wide and at least 4 feet high.  They seem a little pricy, for what amounts to something that you are saving from the trash, but I love the idea.

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