Himmeli in the Home

Posted by on October 26, 2011

Himmeli are a traditional Finnish decoration.  Basically a mobile constructed of geometric shapes made from straw and string.  Some shapes are bigger, some are smaller.  It looks like the traditional ones are pretty symmetrical (but modern ones don’t have to be!). They are associated with Christmas.  In the old days, a himmeli was hung over the dining table to ensure that the rye crop would be plentiful, the bigger the size the larger the harvest.


This Etsy store has more modern versions, constructed from plastic straws, for sale.  I love mobiles in general, they are a fantastic way to add a bit of unexpected art to a regular room. These himmeli are beautiful, light and delicate, but constructed with strong lines and complex geometric patterns.  They sway and twist in the breeze.

Himmeli strike me as an easy way to inject the flavor of an art instillation into a generic office or living room.

First image from here, last three images from here.

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