London Fog on the Wall

Posted by on October 27, 2011

As a kid, I remember talking about Sherlock Holmes with my dad.  He had never been to London, and we both romanticized the notion of the “pea soup fog” we had read about.  That fog was also a lot of coal smoke and very unhealthy to breathe, but fog that you could disappear into sounded exotic and wonderful to us.

British furniture brand Established & Sons has commissioned artists who live and work in London, as well as international artists and designers, to create work that defines their idea of London.  This is the first installment of “My London” and it is presented as part of London Design Festival.

The Japanese design studio nendo pasted hundreds of small tracing paper maps on the walls of the exhibition space.  Each map is of a London neighborhood, and the overall effect is meant to make the viewer feel enveloped in the London fog.  The space also features new products from Established & Sons. (Does that last sentence feel tacked-on?  That is because it is, and so is the furniture in the space)

I am not sure how successful this is as a furniture showroom.  As a beautiful art instillation, it works magnificently.  My favorite (favourite?) photos are those with no furniture, just the complex simplicity of the white and gray undulating walls.

All images from nendo.

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