Look Up

Posted by on October 28, 2011

I may have mentioned my ceiling preoccupation before… These two installations combine two of my perennially favorite things: interesting ceilings and repetition.

As part of ArToll Summer Lab 2011 the artist Regine Ramseier collected 2,000 dandelions that had gone to seed, sprayed a gentle adhesive on them, transported them by car to a little white room, and hung them upside down.   They look like a miniature, upside-down orchard.  That is, perfect rows of individually different plants.

Images by Regine Ramseier.


In Pomona, CA the “It Happened at Pomona” exhibit (on now through November 6, 2011) includes Situational Construction, a recreation of artist Lloyd Hamrol’s 1969 installation. A small room with small window and hundreds of red and pink balloons.  The floor is covered in still black water, so it reflects the round shapes of the balloons, simulating a sunset over the ocean.

Image by Brandon Shigeta at The Pomona College Museum of Art.

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