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The Impact of Repetition

When I was working as a theater set designer on a tiny little bit of a budget, I would often design a set around something that I had a lot of.  So, if I had a lot of drapery fabric donated to the theater, I would find a way to make a set out of … Continue reading »

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Every now and then this house pops up on my radar. It is a mansion, on a rock, in Narragansett Bay, off the coast of Rhode Island.   The New York Times article on the house and its owners is compelling reading.  Every year the owner hosts a work weekend to help keep the house from … Continue reading »

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I am completely taken with this idea.  BetterWall sells museum banner ads from all over the country.  They are prints on vinyl or heavy-weight canvas, and have been displayed on streetlamp posts and museum facades.  This website sells them, with a portion going back to the museum.  So, the banners don’t go to the landfill … Continue reading »

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Color and Air

Janet Echelman makes gigantic net sculptures.  I am particularly taken with this one, “1.26” that she installed this summer in Denver.  The net is fluid, so it changes shape as the wind blows.  Beautiful! found via Honestly…WTF

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Rug Angst

I have been looking for new rugs for the living room and dining room for, seriously, 2 years.  For whatever reason, I think that this purchase has to be perfect.  That I will have these rugs for the rest of my life and I must LOVE them.  Because, in actuality, I will probably have these … Continue reading »

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