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Posted by on October 12, 2011

A few days ago I wrote about making sets out of what ever I had a lot of.  Today I ran across a perfect example of taking a simple, inexpensive product and using it in abundance to make art.

Megan Geckler is an instillation artist based in Los Angeles, best known for using plastic ribbon (flagging tape) to create huge, multicolored installations that often utilize existing architectural structures.

The effect is mesmerizing and beautiful.  It looks like mechanical drawing (she writes about drawing in space), but the work is created by Megan and her assistants, all humans.

From her artist’s statement: “Upon completion, these architectural site-specific installations share the cool slick look of advertisements, backdrops for fashionable clothing, and high design products.  Made of translucent plastic, they simulate and reference our idea of ‘the future’ and camouflage the handmade quality of the work.”

She also writes about how her work challenges the notion that sculptures have both weight and volume.  These sculptures are defined entirely by surface, but the surface changes as you (the viewer) move around and experience the piece.

All images from Megan Geckler’s website.

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