Volumes of Space

Posted by on October 17, 2011

The summer between my first and second years of grad school, I was lucky enough to backpack in eastern Europe for a few weeks (totally on the cheap – and incidentally, this was the trip where I fell in love with Croatia).  I flew from LA to Prague with a 12 hour layover in London.  So, with many hours to kill I took the tube from Heathrow into the city with the idea that I could wander around a few free museums.  I ended up at the Tate Modern, which was pretty new at the time.  It is a converted factory, and Anish Kapoor had installed this amazing piece, Marsyas 2002, in the turbine hall.

It was huge, overwhelming.   There are no photos that do it justice, because the whole thing is too big to fit in one photo.

Ever since that day, bleary eyed and jet lagged, that I stood in awe I have been a fan of Mr. Kapoor’s work.

This year the French Ministry of Culture and Communication asked him to create a work “that responds to the exceptional architectural space” of the Grand Palais in Paris.  He created Leviathan – 75,000 cubic-meters of PVC vinyl.  It is dark purple, almost black, on the outside, but a bright red on the inside.  I think this might be more immense than Marsyas.  Again, it is too huge to take a photo of the whole thing.  You have to have seen it in person to really experience it all.  Look how small the people are in the photos!  I wish I had been in Paris, again.

All photos of Leviathan from Design Boom.  They also include a short video of the artist speaking about the piece.


Look how small the people are!

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