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Doors on the Wall

I am always looking for cool, accessible art.  Art that breaks out of the picture frame, yet doesn’t alienate the average viewer.  Unexpected or recycled materials makes it all the more fabulous.  This project has all of that. Piet Hein Eek, Dutch designer extraordinaire, calls these walls of doors “a successful failure.”  He originally had … Continue reading »

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Magical Windows

Living in Los Angeles is pretty wonderful.  Except maybe at Christmastime.  Trees just don’t look right with both green leaves and twinkle lights.  Decorations are fewer and farther between than in cities with colder climates.  It basically feels like spring/summer/early fall all year. I don’t miss digging my car out from under feet of snow, … Continue reading »

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The Davids are Gone

For years, whenever anyone comes to visit me I have taken them by the House of David.  That is, Norwood Young’s house.  He had over twenty small replica statues of Michelangelo’s David lining his mansion’s driveway.  It was wonderfully tacky. He put them up in the fall of 1996, the neighbors were not impressed.  It … Continue reading »

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Turkey Feathers

In honor of Thanksgiving, a uniquely American holiday…  Here is a uniquely American story from a magazine that is an American institution. Presenting, a whole wedding party dressed in Turkey feathers! From the LIFE archives: “In 1947, designer Barbara Orr Ehrhart demonstrated her love of turkey not just by having it for dinner at her … Continue reading »

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Enough Bookshelves

“I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.” – Anna Quindlen I am forever running out of shelf space.  I give away a box of books only to find days later that the shelves are overflowing again.  It’s … Continue reading »

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Variations on a Tree

This is the kind of thing that I am super inspired by; Kevin Day is a graphic designer who has been photographing one dead tree for over five years.  It is amazing how different the same subject can look in different lighting and in different seasons. On My Modern Met there is an interview with … Continue reading »

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Bali Daydreams…

It is a gray and dreary day in Los Angeles, and it has been a very long week.  So, I am daydreaming about Bali… The south Pacific always looks like a dream, just to good to be real.  I have been following the adventures of Stof and Sara as they sail around the south Pacific.  … Continue reading »

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Rings of Fire

We didn’t spend a whole lot of time camping when I was a kid, maybe once every couple of years.  It was kind of a big deal to get all the gear together and sleep outside.  Hands down, my absolute favorite part was the campfire.  Starting the fire was one of the first things that … Continue reading »

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Back to the Future

This series of photos amazes me.  I have tried to recreate a photo from my childhood in the same place, years later.  With ho-hum results.  It is really hard to be in the exact right spot, with the right lighting, and the right expression on the model’s face. These are done really well. I love … Continue reading »

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A Story in One Frame

When I think about what I do it usually boils down to the phrase “design for narrative.”  That is, I design stuff (scenery, graphics, interiors) to help tell a story.  When I make the logo for a fictional coffee shop I am thinking about who the owner of the shop is, did he make this … Continue reading »

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