Bali Daydreams…

Posted by on November 18, 2011

It is a gray and dreary day in Los Angeles, and it has been a very long week.  So, I am daydreaming about Bali… The south Pacific always looks like a dream, just to good to be real.  I have been following the adventures of Stof and Sara as they sail around the south Pacific.  They have been living on their sailboat, but in my daydream this is where I stay.

Alia Villas Uluwatu looks about as perfect as it gets – probably a little too perfect for me truth be told – but it’s a daydream…
The resort has 52 one bedroom villas along with 5 cliff-side three bedroom villas and 25 private villas, each with its own pool and private pavilion perched on limestone cliffs above the Indian Ocean.

It was designed by a Singapore architecture firm Woha and opened in 2009.  That sounds about right, new and fun but established enough for all the staff to be trained and experienced, and the kinks to be worked out of the system.

Plus it is self sufficient: power is currently provided by biodiesel generators from the resort’s organic waste, but the site will eventually use electricity generated from wind farms.  The villas don’t need air conditioning because they use natural ventilation (besides the weather is perfect) and the pools use saltwater rather than chlorinated water.


all photos from the Alia Villas Uluwatu website.

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