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Phantom Limb

These amazing lighter-than-air pieces are by Motohiko Odani a well known Japanese Sculptor.  This exhibit, Phantom Limb, was at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo last winter. Looking at these two photos, it strikes me how much our perception of an instillation changes with the point of view.  The first image looks open, you can … Continue reading »

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Residential Church XL

As living in a converted church is a long-time obsession of mine (20+ years) every time I find photos of a new one I get all excited.  This lovely home is in The Netherlands and was recently converted by Zecc Architecten.  Apparently, abandoned churches abound in The Netherlands.  Since 1970 more than 1000 churches have … Continue reading »

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Victorian Photobooth

I love these photos – we are so used to seeing stiff, formal images of people in the 19 century. This looks to be the Victorian equivalent of a photo booth. I so love couples who enjoy hanging out together.   Those last ones makes me smile. from the fliker group pool The Smiling Victorian … Continue reading »

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Tintern Abbey

Turner is one of my favorite painters and I have an extreme fondness for gothic architecture. I have spent only a few days in the English countryside, not enough time to visit any abandoned monasteries.  The stories are fascinating. Tintern Abbey was surrendered to King Henry VIII’s visitors on September 3, 1536, during the first … Continue reading »

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Art and Water

I remember talking a lot about art, and why we make it and what it means in college and grad school.  We talked about how art for beauty, and art for political change, and art for whatever are different and alike.  We talked about how this is the time in your life to learn about … Continue reading »

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Butterflies Under Glass

These beautiful glasses are hand made by Tina Tsang of Undergrowth Design in London. The glasses have laser cut messages in a bubble within the bowl of the glass.  The message magnifies when liquid is in the glass.  She has several choices, or you can commission your own message. This is the kind of thing … Continue reading »

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Piles of Thread

  When I was growing up in the middle of nowhere, I was a member of a youth organization called 4-H.  For 10 years, every summer, I sewed a project (dress, suit, whatever) that was judged at the county fair (and sometimes at the state fair).  When I went to college I got a job … Continue reading »

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Mucha in Montreal

Alphonse Mucha is one of my favorite artists.  Yes, his work is very conventionally “pretty.”  What of it?  Just because your work appeals to a broad audience doesn’t make it less amazing.  I have seen films of him at work.  The man could draw like a thousand angels. My mom began my admiration with a … Continue reading »

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