Residential Church XL

Posted by on November 7, 2011

As living in a converted church is a long-time obsession of mine (20+ years) every time I find photos of a new one I get all excited.  This lovely home is in The Netherlands and was recently converted by Zecc Architecten.  Apparently, abandoned churches abound in The Netherlands.  Since 1970 more than 1000 churches have been closed and many have been demolished.  This makes me very sad for the loss of religious community that this represents.  I would much rather a chapel be converted because the congregation outgrew it.  Of course, putting those buildings to another use is by far a better alternative than demolition.   This building has not been a religious meeting place for over twenty years.  More recently it was an antique showroom and a venue for small concerts.

This sort of clean lined, spare design is not my style at all.  However, inserting the mezzanine level floor and dividing the space under it into rooms, is an interesting way of dealing with the “one large room” problem inherent in a chapel conversion.  I do love the original windows, the amazing sense of height that has been preserved, the view onto the backyard, and the dining room table with pews on either side.

Beautiful space!

Via designboom where there are more photos and technical drawings of the space.

All Photos from Zecc Architecten

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