Rings of Fire

Posted by on November 16, 2011

We didn’t spend a whole lot of time camping when I was a kid, maybe once every couple of years.  It was kind of a big deal to get all the gear together and sleep outside.  Hands down, my absolute favorite part was the campfire.  Starting the fire was one of the first things that we did at the campground, and it would burn pretty much constantly until we packed up.  One year after dinner, my brother and I burned the ends of long sticks until there was a glowing coal on the end, and then swung them around like sparklers.  The orange coal blurs into a line of fire from a few feet away.

So, take that concept and then bump it up about 1,000 notches and you come up with this:

Our little sticks are literally child’s play compared to what outabounds and his friends do.  These photos are taken with a very long exposure (like over a minute).

I found this description under one of his photos on flicker: “buy some steelwool 0000 grade, but 00 grade will do just fine.  Put it on a hook of some kind attached to a rope or chain, light it up, and swing it around like hell!  But be careful those sparks are very hot, so wear some protection!”  YES!

Fire is so beautiful in its mesmerizing and unpredictable nature.

I just love fire.

All photos from here.

And have fun out there.

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