Turkey Feathers

Posted by on November 23, 2011

In honor of Thanksgiving, a uniquely American holiday…  Here is a uniquely American story from a magazine that is an American institution.

Presenting, a whole wedding party dressed in Turkey feathers!

From the LIFE archives:

“In 1947, designer Barbara Orr Ehrhart demonstrated her love of turkey not just by having it for dinner at her Oregon wedding, but also by making wedding dresses out of turkey feathers for herself and her bridesmaids. LIFE captured the oddball ceremony, feathers and all, in these photographs.”

“For several months, Ehrhart collected 34,000 white plumes from 300 turkeys.  The bridal gown was made of 500 yards of white plume feathers from a truckload of White Holland turkeys.  The bridesmaids’ dresses came in feathers dyed yellow, pale green, and black.  One gown was valued at $18,000 — the equivalent of nearly $175,000 in today’s dollars.”

Yes, that is a little girl in turkey feathers too.

And everyone threw turkey feathers over the couple as the exited the church rather than rice.

Even more photos and commentary on the LIFE archive page.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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