Variations on a Tree

Posted by on November 21, 2011

This is the kind of thing that I am super inspired by; Kevin Day is a graphic designer who has been photographing one dead tree for over five years.  It is amazing how different the same subject can look in different lighting and in different seasons.

On My Modern Met there is an interview with the artist.  “For five years now I have been photographing it and I can overlay my most recent shot on top of one of the original ones and only the very smallest twigs have disappeared – most probably down to wind damage – I think that is what has fascinated me more than anything else, there is this wonderful old tree unchanging over the years and yet I can take hundreds of photos of it during the seasons and very few of them look the same. It is all about the change around the constant.”

Sometimes he stands far away, sometimes he zooms in close.

As a child, we had a blue spruce in our front yard that we climbed, if not every day, then every other day.  I knew that tree in this kind of detail.  I knew exactly where the best sitting spots were, and how to get around the tricky bits.  I climbed it in the morning, and when the sun was setting, in the summer and in the snow.  Although, yes more in warm weather than in the winter.  The difference is that my tree is a living, growing organism.  So, I have lost that familiarity.  I have grown up, but it has grown too.  It is still growing and spreading out, and I hope the neighborhood kids are still climbing it.  It is a gift, to know a tree like a friend.

Kevin calls this tree his friend.

Kevin Day’s flicker set: my friend, the dead tree.

Kevin Day’s Website.

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