Posted by on December 21, 2011

When I was 11, I went to tent camp at a muddy lake in eastern Colorado.  I had a bright orange two man tent that began leaking as soon as it started to drizzle.  I ended up sleeping in several different tents as the rain grew from a sprinkle to a downpour. By the time my dad came to pick me up on the last day (I think it was only 2 nights, but they were really long nights) I had learned all there was to know about tent construction.  Now the company FieldCandy is pushing tents past functional and into beautiful.

If these awesome tents had existed back in the late 80s… Yeah I would not have appreciated them (but I can now).

From the website “We are here to inject color, creativity and fun into the camping space by offering a range of totally unexpected designs.  We want to delight you with our products. The average tent we believe isn’t fun, they all look the same, we don’t think that’s right. A tent should say something about who’s inside it, our tents are fun, exciting, iconic, individual and simply unmissable.”

Unmissable they are indeed.I think that the “Natural World” design is my favorite.  It looks like a book!

All images from the FieldCandy website.

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