Ghosts of Memories

Posted by on December 20, 2011

“We travel, we see a monument, and we take a picture. But, we are millions who travel, millions who see this monument, and millions who take the same picture.”

Corinne Vionnet is the Swiss/French artist responsible for these painterly photos of famous landmarks.  She calls the collection “Photo Opportunities.”

When we travel we all take the same photo of the same landmarks.  There is an innate human need to say, “I was here,” and to remember.  There are examples of stone age graffiti that basically served the same purpose. For what is travel for but to be able to remember what we did and saw and ate.

Vionnet has taken hundreds of tourist photos of the same landmark and layered them into these stunning images.  It is amazing how we all choose to take photos from pretty much the same vantage point.  The other tourists fade out, and there is a ghostly quality to the final image.  Like the way memories are soft around the edges, with the most annoying bits edited out.

Eiffel Tower

I have the same impulse – here I am at Stonehenge.

And here is the tourist photo compilation.


There is image after image with only the people in the foreground shifting, the monuments stand still, rocks in the stream of time.



Brandenburg Gate

Chichen Itza


Horseshoe Falls

La Alhambra

Louvre Pyramid


Mount Fuji

Pyramids of Giza

St Basil's Cathedral

Taj Mahal

All images by Corinne Vionnet, except the one of me at Stonehenge that one was taken by my mom :)

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