Stars from Wire

Posted by on December 1, 2011

I go back and forth on the secular Christmas extrava-ghan-za.  It is a religious holiday for me, but I love really good design wherever I find it, and I love over-the-top tackiness.  That is, self-aware tack.  Christmas has both in abundance.  I guess I just don’t like middle-of-the-road half-assed design.  There is a lot of that around Christmas, and often I am asked to admire it.  Good manners force me to say things like, “What a tree that is!  You must have worked so hard on it.”

These tied-wire sculptures by Ruth Asawa are not actually Christmas decorations.  However, they are so beautiful and light, so transcendent of their humble materials, that I think they make a perfect Christmas star.

first photo from here, all others from Ruth Asawa’s website

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