The Dream of Italy

Posted by on December 9, 2011

Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.
– Anna Akhmatova

I was 21 the autumn I studied in Florence, Italy.  Through a serendipitous series of events I ended up living in an apartment with four other people and a view of the Ponte Vecchio.  The room they used for the movie “A Room With a View” had nothing on my living room.  I remember standing on our balcony (!) watching the sun set and the light change from apricot to gold to umber and then to a velvet darkness.  My roommates were not artists, and they thought I was a little crazy when I made them look at the light.

Steve McCurry has captured many faces and moments in his long and illustrious career as a photojournalist.  He has a new show that opened December 3rd at MACRO in Rome.  Many of the images featured were taken in Italy.  When I look at these images I remember the long afternoons that I spent rambling around the city, watching people and taking photos.  I don’t really like looking at tourist photos of Italy, but these are different.  When McCurry turns his photojournalistic eye to beautiful subjects, the images are more layered and nuanced than I, as a student/tourist, was ever be able to capture.  None of these are from Florence, but I choose some to share that remind me of that time.

All images from Steve McCurry’s website.  The exhibition website is here.

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