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Chain Link

Chain link fence might be one of the ugliest creations that we, as a society, have embraced.  Only when they are covered with vines are they any better than a necessary evil.  Which is one reason why this instillation is so impressive.  The artist, Soo Sunny Park, often uses industrial materials in her work.  She … Continue reading »

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Like pretty much everyone, as a very young child I did not get motion sickness.  I could spin around and around and then just fall down to the grass and watch the sky slowly right itself.  I don’t remember exactly when this changed, but change it did.  By the time I was 17 I couldn’t … Continue reading »

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Mylar Spores

In my early 20s I worked at a high school as the TD in the theater department.  One of the many little jobs that made up my position was supervising the auditorium when community groups used it.  Working with those stressed out parents (mostly moms) was my first inkling that theater people are “different.”  We … Continue reading »

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Tiny Flowers

At first glance I was not taken with this particular instillation. But look closer. This is 12,000 tiny steel plants “growing” from a bed of white sand.  The sheer scale is enough to make my eyes cross.  At the least detail oriented person I know, this kind of accomplishment fills me with awe. The work … Continue reading »

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When the Water Glows

I have wanted to swim or canoe in bioluminescent waters since my friends Beth and Kirsten went on a rather less-than-supervised trip in Porto Rico many years ago.  They had a great time, even if they felt abandoned by their group and guide.  It seems so magical.  I love the water anyway, and being surrounded … Continue reading »

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Venice Beach

The first time I went to Venice beach was in 2003.  I am sure to the resident or the careful observer many things have changed.  To the casual observer, it is exactly the same as it was that November day eight years ago. I go back every Jan 6 (Epiphany), and run down the beach … Continue reading »

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