Chain Link

Posted by on January 30, 2012

Chain link fence might be one of the ugliest creations that we, as a society, have embraced.  Only when they are covered with vines are they any better than a necessary evil.  Which is one reason why this instillation is so impressive.  The artist, Soo Sunny Park, often uses industrial materials in her work.  She manages to make chain link beautiful.  That is not so much art as magic…

In the gaps of the fencing she has suspended small squares of colored plastic.  The fencing simply becomes the armature for these bits of color.   The sculpture hangs from the ceiling on the third floor of the deCordova Museum, where it scatters the light like confetti through the halls.

This work is called “Capturing Resonance.”  There is also an auditory component as part of a collaboration with composer Spencer Topel.   They are giving a talk on February 4th at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Massachusetts about their collaboration process.  Frankly, the auditory component had better be pretty amazing to match the visual side.

all photos from Soo Sunny Park’s website


2 Responses to Chain Link

  1. Stuart Andersen

    “Frankly, the auditory component had better be pretty amazing to match the visual side.” What was your impression of the sound component of the work?

    • Sarah

      One of the many limitations of viewing art through the computer screen is that I am not experiencing it as the artist intended. I was not able to see this instillation in person, and therefore can have no opinion of the auditory component. I did not read any reviews of the work, so I don’t know how others received it. Did you see and hear it? How was it?