Mylar Spores

Posted by on January 10, 2012

In my early 20s I worked at a high school as the TD in the theater department.  One of the many little jobs that made up my position was supervising the auditorium when community groups used it.  Working with those stressed out parents (mostly moms) was my first inkling that theater people are “different.”  We handle stress differently.  Performance anxiety is waaaay lower.  The show happens, or it doesn’t (but mostly it does).  Just another day in the life.  For the people renting the auditorium this was probably the only show they do all year, thus they were pretty high strung.

One weekend I left two 17 year old boys in charge of a piano recital.  It was cool – they were (are) theater kids.  When I got back on Monday they had taken their extra time between shows and hung a complete disco ball set-up from the ceiling in my office.  It was fabulous.  A few weeks later they made it permanent and installed a light switch to turn on the whole thing with one flick.  My office was always like a party.

I don’t even know why that was the first story I thought of when I saw this amazing work by Tara Donovan.

Maybe it is the sparkly factor.  Maybe it is the working-with-what-you-have factor.  These spheres are my disco ball’s darker, edgier older sister.

The instillation is constructed of sheets of mylar folded and attached to one another in random, yet very precise ways.  This is the way I love to make art – take a lot of something and arrange it in an awesome way.

“[the] installation, reaches eleven feet high and spreads out like a fungus across the space. It sparkles and shines as visitors walk around, watching it glitter with the changing light.-  this week in NY

First Photo from here, next four photos from the Stephen Friedman Gallery, and last photo from here.

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