Tiny Flowers

Posted by on January 9, 2012

At first glance I was not taken with this particular instillation.

But look closer. This is 12,000 tiny steel plants “growing” from a bed of white sand.  The sheer scale is enough to make my eyes cross.  At the least detail oriented person I know, this kind of accomplishment fills me with awe.

The work is inspired by botanical illustrations in textbooks. I remember looking through though this Dover book a few years ago and thinking about the kind of patience that detailed drawing requires.  This is a step beyond.

On the other side the artist Zadok Ben David, painted each flower.  So they look plain and stark from one angle, and colorful from the other.

I think the best way to view this instillation is probably at ground-level, like this woman:

Via My Modern Met where there are more photos and a video of the instillation.

Zadok Ben David’s website


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