Venice Beach

Posted by on January 7, 2012

The first time I went to Venice beach was in 2003.  I am sure to the resident or the careful observer many things have changed.  To the casual observer, it is exactly the same as it was that November day eight years ago.

photo by Ian Shive

I go back every Jan 6 (Epiphany), and run down the beach from the Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach.  It is both a remembrance and a looking ahead, the way many people feel about new year’s eve/day is the way I feel about Epiphany.  The last year is really over, and I run to remind my self to keep running, to keep moving forward.

There is no other place quite like it… and it is the people who make it so.

While poking around the interwebs for Venice Beach photos I came across street photographer Eric Kim’s lovely black and white images featuring the denizens of the “boardwalk” (concrete not boards, but it is the same feel).

I love the skateboarder in those last three – totally as surprised as he could be and the unflinching photographer captured it perfectly.

first photo from here, second photo from here, all black and white photos from here

Eric Kim’s Website

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