Gothic Light

Posted by on February 20, 2012

My interest in Gothic Architecture kind of snuck up on me. At its worst it is dark and scary and cold. At its best it is light and heavenly. My heart soars when I am standing under a vaulted apse hundreds of feet tall, when the stone seems lighter than cobwebs. Intricate tracery and gigantic windows can make me catch my breath.

When I went to the first design meeting for a stage version of “Dracula” I brought several books with me. The director asked if they were from the library. They were all from my personal collection. It was then that I realized most people don’t actually know that much about ribbed vaults, and don’t care to.

It remains one of my passions, which might explain why I keep dreaming about living in a chapel conversion

These photos are from the Abby church in Saint-Riquier, in Picardie, in northern France. The ethereal sculptures are paper on bamboo frames by Peter Gentenaar. In 2009, more than 100 of his sculptures were hung inside the church building.

The contrast between the light, colorful paper and the solid, white stone highlights the beauty of both.


Images from Melisande on Flickr

Via Upon a Fold where there are more photos.

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  1. Danie at Pasadya

    My mouth dropped open when I saw this. Gentenaar’s sculptures remind me of the energy of the flamenco dance mixed with the fluidity of the waltz. What makes the art even more beautiful is that they have the best backdrops…the vaults and light in the cathedrals are breathtaking.