Nailing Jello to the Wall

Posted by on February 13, 2012

I moved to California and started grad school the week before my birthday.  Because I didn’t have any friends yet, I orchestrated my own birthday celebration. Basically, one day in class I announced where and when I would be having dinner and asked/begged people to show up. I figured I couldn’t count on anyone bringing a cake (or cake-like substitute) so I made Knox Blox*.

I thought this was something everyone would be familiar with, and we would all laugh together, and look we’re bonding!  Plus, it’s easier than baking and way cheaper than buying a cake. My new California classmates were somewhat nonplussed. Apparently, Jello is a mid-west/mid-century thing, and they had never been served Jello outside of a grade school cafeteria. My Knox Blox are super rigid and encourage eating with your hands. I had to show them. There were lots of jokes about how this is Jello that can be nailed to a wall. Truthfully, none of my California friends ever really came around to love the Knox Blox like I do (but my South Korean friend has since seen the light [I think at the time it was just too much new stuff too fast]).

So, given my history with tough Jello, when I came across these photos “Jelly & Light” from Le Creative Sweatshop I was intrigued. I am not really sure how they did this. It looks to be industrial strength gelatin formed around lamps, lit beautifully and photographed. Gelatin is not a very forgiving medium, for starters it melts, and when you cut it that’s it, you can’t put it back together or patch it up. I would wager this was a rather frustrating project. But the results are lovely. I have always loved how gelatin diffuses the light of birthday candles, this is a couple of steps more sophisticated than my birthday Jello.

Final Photos by Fabrice Fouillet

Process Photos by Renaud Morin

Le Creative Sweatshop’s website

Photographer Fabrice Fouillet’s website

via It’s Nice That and Behance Network


*my recipe for Knox Blox

2 packages of suger-free Jello (or any brand, I’m not picky about it), 2 cups hot water, 4 envelopes Knox unflavored gelatin, 2 cups cold water.  Dissolve the Jello in the hot water (stir and stir and stir) and the Knox in the cold water.  When the powders are completely dissolved in the water, mix them together and pour into a bunt pan (or other mold) and chill in the refrigerator until firm (about two hours). To unmold dip the mold briefly in hot water, and turn over onto a pretty plate.


P.S. check out these guys nailing Jello to a wall.

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