Neto’s Net

Posted by on February 22, 2012

Ernesto Neto is a Brazilian artist who does not appear to have his own website. This is pretty surprising to me. I’m not sure when I started expecting everyone to have a web presence, but I do.

This amazing structure is called “Crazy Hyperculture in the Vertigo of the World.” I don’t know what that means, but it’s pretty fabulous.

It reminds me of camo netting. Which is one of those materials we use a lot in low budget theater. It makes a “jungle” backdrop quickly and relatively cheaply. If I never have to use it again, that’s fine with me. However, this is about 100 times cooler than the best camo net.

The structure is completely interactive. Visitors climb into the net and wander through the labyrinth. There are also small packets of spices to add an olfactory dimension to the experience.

I wonder how many people can be in it at a time. It looks like it might be pretty bouncy.

The work was installed at The Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Images via Design Boom where there are more photos and a video of the work being installed.

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