The Movement of the Waves

Posted by on February 16, 2012

Maggi Hambling is a celebrated English portrait artist who has taken to painting the sea in the last several years.

From her press release: ‘Early each morning I go down to the sea and try to capture its mood by drawing, and each day is different. Back in the studio, these drawings become paintings. Whether they are tiny or cover the studio wall, I try to make the movement of the waves happen in the paint’.

This is the North Sea, and these waves are not messing around. These waves are cold and ragged. There is nothing Mediterranean or Caribbean about them.

Most of these paintings are large (24″ x 36″), big enough to get lost in.  You can feel the power and the pull of the sea. It is overwhelming.

All images from Maggi Hambling’s website

David Case Fine art website

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