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Inspired by this list: Strange Day Jobs of Authors Before they were Famous, from Flavorwire, I decided to list all the jobs I have ever had. I have had more and more varied jobs than most everyone else I know.

The only rule is: I had to get paid. I have volunteered for a lot of projects that certainly felt like work, but no paycheck means it was not a job.

  1. Move Theater Concessions/Tickets seller (high school, four years, and then again after college, about 8 months)
  2. Lifeguard/ Swimming Teacher (one summer between Sophomore and Junior year of high school)
  3. Tree Planter (the spring of my Senior year of high school, three months)
  4. Seamstress (college, I did alterations and custom sewing in a little shop just off campus, three years)
  5. Theater Technician (this was my work/study job in college, three years)
  6. General Marina Employee (renting boats, cleaning boats, painting docks, manning the cash register) (the summer after college, but before I studied abroad, two months)
  7. Assistant Librarian (during my study abroad semester in Florance, Italy I worked in the small library at the FSU study center, three months)
  8. Lighting Technician (after college, I worked on and off for a production company that did events, about a year)
  9. Movie Theater Projectionist (after college, I worked in a 12-plex, about 5 months)
  10. Technical Director at a high school (one of my most fun jobs ever, I designed and built three shows a year and managed the auditorium, three years)
  11. Scenic Designer for live theater (freelance, I am still doing this job sometimes)
  12. Lighting Designer (freelance, I did about 6 shows, including a stint touring with a modern ballet company, I don’t do lighting design anymore)
  13. Scenic Painter/Carpenter (sometimes other designers hired me to work on their shows, I did this on and off for about two years)
  14. Stage Manager (I only stage managed one play after college)
  15. Welder/Painter for a curtain rod manufacturer (For some reason I didn’t think I was working hard enough so I got a part time job as a welder at the same time I was working at the high school and freelance designing, about eight months)
  16. Data Entry for a clothing company (summer temp job, about three weeks)
  17. Bookbindery Assembly Line Worker (just one week, it was a summer temp job and it was mind-numbing)
  18. Commercial Packer/Mover (summer temp job, one month)
  19. Teacher’s Assistant (Grad School, I worked in the prop department, not in a classroom like most TAs, three years)
  20. Assistant to VP at a Mortgage Company (Grad school, summer temp job, about one month)
  21. Emmy Internship (paid – so it counts) (I shadowed various Production Designers around LA, the summer after grad school, eight weeks)
  22. Receptionist (after grad school, various temp jobs, on and off for about two months)
  23. Properties Master (after grad school, my university hired me to make props for two productions while the full time employee was on maternity leave)
  24. Art Department PA (I only did this for one pilot, six weeks)
  25. Art Department Coordinator (my first union job! I worked on three different shows over a two year period, I am still in this union so I could do it again)
  26. Drafter at a toy company for their events (I worked there during the busy period every fall for three years)
  27. Assistant Art Director/Art Director (This is my current job, I have been doing it for about five years)
  28. Production Designer (I have only gotten paid to do this a few times, but hopefully it will be my last job title)

Because I do a lot of freelance stuff the time periods are a little fuzzy and overlap one another.

I started a list of all the productions that I have worked (I am including volunteer and student stuff on that list). It is a lot harder to remember all the shows.

EDITED TO ADD: I totally forgot about babysitting. I babysat on an off between 7th grade and the end of High School, including one summer where I took care of my cousin’s kids several times a week all summer. Also, I got a question about how I differentiated between theater/designer jobs. If the job has a separate Union designation or line in the program it is a different job. A lighting design job is very different from a scenic painting job, even though they are both theater jobs.

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