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A Ribbon of Green

In the US we are pretty used to gardens and green lawns even in the city. Where I live in LA, the main streets may not have a lot of vegetation, but just one block over apartments and houses are surrounded by grass and trees. Only in the densest urban jungles are there no greenspaces. … Continue reading »

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The $700 Oil Change

Last week, I took my car in for a 25,000 mile service and ended up with four new tires. Why am I always surprised when what I thought was just an oil change ends up costing hundreds of dollars? It happens almost every time. I have no idea where my old tires really ended up; … Continue reading »

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The Understory of Objects

When my grandmother passed away in 1992 I didn’t let my parents sell any of her china sets. Looking back, I am not sure why I was so adamant that we hang on to them, but I am glad I was. They all have names – ‘The Apple’ service for eight, ‘The Ironstone’ service for … Continue reading »

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The Purifying Aspects of Salt

I have low blood pressure. So low that I was not allowed to donate blood when I was in high school. I often feel light-headed when I stand up (not stand up quickly, just stand up). It is apparently not so low as to be dangerous, but I do crave salt. I have been known … Continue reading »

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Superabundant Atmosphere

When you live in a big city far away from your small hometown, and you meet someone from the a nearby hometown, the impulse is to find parallels and similarities between the two of you. Similarities don’t always exist. However, I can’t help but feel some kinship to the artist Jacob Hasimoto. He was born … Continue reading »

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Chapel Conversion to Bookshop

So, it follows that with my general excitement in a good chapel-to-home conversion, I am equally happy to see pretty much any chapel conversion that maintains the original architecture (except maybe a nightclub, I have seen that done so poorly).  I also realize that some chapels are just to large to convert to a home, … Continue reading »

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King’s Cross

I really like train stations, and airports, and highways… I guess I just really like moving, traveling, seeing and going. There is something exciting about being between stops, like being between worlds. It doesn’t seem like real life. I can see why some people never really settle down, being on the move is so much … Continue reading »

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Books + Water

Finding the beauty in everyday things is a special kind of intelligence. Being able to show that beauty to the world (in a way that does not need to be explained) is a step beyond. Cara Barer is a photographer who had an “encounter” with a discarded yellow pages soaked with water and lying in … Continue reading »

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As a set design student I was heavily encouraged to keep a daily sketchbook (every now and then it was even part of my grade). I was never very good at drawing every day – I just don’t enjoy drawing that much. I am OK at it, and I recognize that the more I do … Continue reading »

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A Temporary Shelter

Umbrellas are used over and over again in art installations. They offer a unique mix of properties: relatively cheap, available in large quantities, lovely to look at, and they have the implication of protecting a person from the elements – a temporary shelter. They can be really cute (my first umbrella was bright yellow with … Continue reading »

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