Books + Water

Posted by on March 14, 2012

Finding the beauty in everyday things is a special kind of intelligence. Being able to show that beauty to the world (in a way that does not need to be explained) is a step beyond.

Cara Barer is a photographer who had an “encounter” with a discarded yellow pages soaked with water and lying in the street. The shape sparked her interest and from that first inspiration she has made a fabulous collection of images in the last several years.

In her artist statement she muses on the role of books in our research:

“Half a century ago, students researched at home with the family set of encyclopedias, or took a trip to the library to find needed information. Now, owning a computer, and connecting to the internet gives a student the ability to complete a research paper without ever going near a library. I have fully embraced that technology, and would not want to be without it, but, I also fear that it is rapidly leading us to rely less and less on the reference books common in the last two centuries”

I am not at all worried about the end of encyclopedias. They were hard to use, and rapidly went out of date. As far as books like “Windows 95″ (one of the first titles Cara used in her art) I think making beauty from those pages is the best kind of recycling.

As beautiful as the wild, accidentally curling pages are, I like the images where she has controlled the process even more.

And at the end of her artist statement Cara reminds everyone:

“No important books have been injured during the making of any of these photographs”

all images from Cara Barer’s website where she has tons more images.

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