King’s Cross

Posted by on March 15, 2012

I really like train stations, and airports, and highways… I guess I just really like moving, traveling, seeing and going. There is something exciting about being between stops, like being between worlds. It doesn’t seem like real life. I can see why some people never really settle down, being on the move is so much more exciting.

I was completely blown away by these photos of the new King’s Cross station in London. The original station was opened in 1852 and had only had a few renovations in the 160 years since then. If I am reading the reports correctly, this immense, yet elegant, lattice-work structure is a completely new addition, and will greatly increase the size of the station as well as the number of passengers it is able to serve.

From the Daily Mail article:

“Covering the vast Western Concourse, and spanning the full 150m length of that part of the station, it [the lattice-work roof] is supported by a 20m-high tapered central ‘funnel’ and 16 further smaller columns around the station – which allow it to cover a remarkable 8,424 square meters. This is enough room to cover three Olympic-sized swimming pools.”

It was designed by John McAslan and Partners, and the whole area has been overhauled with 67 acres of land redeveloped.

At some point in the 1970s a “temporary” arched station roof was added. As part of the overhaul that old roof will be torn out this fall revealing the original facade of the building.

The new station looks fabulous and will be open shortly, well before the onslaught this summer at the Olympics.

Interior images from the Daily Mail here

Exterior images from John McAslan and Partners here

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