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Big Cloud

By accident, I saw the moon rise the other evening. It was full moon, enormous and orange. When I was about 10, I remember an older teacher saying to me that the sky is so beautiful that if you could only see it in one place on earth that place would be a huge tourist … Continue reading »

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The Dynamic Shape of Falling Liquids

Thomas Heatherwick has been steadily building an incredibly impressive body of work. He knocked everyone’s socks off with Seed Cathedral for Shanghai’s Expo 2010, and this summer the cauldron holding the Olympic flame will be his design. In his interview for Architectural Digest in the April 2012 issue, he spoke about the playfulness of his … Continue reading »

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Community Hammock

When I first saw trapeze acrobats at the circus I was most impressed with the enormous net they get to fall into at the end of the act. They would fall at least three stories and then bounce. I was not as excited about the “flying through the air with the greatest of ease” bit … Continue reading »

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Ceiling Carpet

I do love a good ceiling, and this is about as good as they come. The Kennedy Center is hosting the Maximum India Festival this March, and as part of the festival this multipurpose performance space has been transformed by Serie Architects into “The Monsoon Club.” “We imagine the gallery as simultaneously an installation piece … Continue reading »

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Mass and Flare

During my study abroad semester, I had a 10 day break in November. I ended up traveling to London with several people who were in my program, but I didn’t know very well. We made the travel arrangements together (actually one of them did and I blindly trusted her to do a good job, it … Continue reading »

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Towers of Books

The books are my friends – I think that has been made clear in this post and this one and even this one. However, I am not at all precious about the actual book. I am happy to send an outdated or unpopular book to another fate. I am even willing to sacrifice a book … Continue reading »

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