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I had the opportunity to go to Transmission LA: AV Club last weekend at the Geffen Contemporary in downtown LA. It is an art/music/food/coffee/book event, and was a pretty amazing all around experience. The big draw for non-art folks is that Mike D of Beastie Boys fame was the curator (I literally ran into him in … Continue reading »

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I spend a lot of time looking around the interwebs, and I can get jaded. Sometime it seems like there is nothing new, we are just rehashing the same old, same old. When I come across something like these lamps my faith is restored. There really are people all over the world making awesome art … Continue reading »

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Cable Ties

It is not overstating to say that my life changed when I realized how much easier cable ties (or zip ties) could make my life. I had seen them before, you know bundling cable together, but had never thought about using them in art, or in theater. The year was 2002 and I had just … Continue reading »

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Table Cloth

I think a lot about waste in the entertainment industry. At this point there are very few good solutions, we have to build sets and transport people and equipment to locations. We can be as intentional as possible, but there is no way around some waste. Every time a set is dismantled a good portion … Continue reading »

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Limited Means

As a teenager I remember sitting around a booth in a diner for hours… and hours, (almost as much time as we spent driving around aimlessly, that’s another story). At some point we would get board, there is only so much rehashing of small events you can take. Someone would say, “well, what do we … Continue reading »

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Vikings, Egyptians, Argonauts and the Nagging Pull of Realism

So much goodness going on here it is hard to know where to start. It’s called “Beneath the Stride of Giants.” This is a 36 foot long single-masted ship, not seaworthy, but epic nonetheless. It was displayed at Fabrica, a chapel-conversion-to-art-space in Bristol, England. The artist, Brian Griffiths, collected used furniture that he deconstructed and … Continue reading »

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I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years. For me, that tight feeling your skin gets after being in the pool will always mean summer.  I haven’t swam in years, even just laps at the gym, but seeing the new Olympic Aquatics Centre in London makes me want to start again. That pool looks amazing. … Continue reading »

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Infinite Variety

I have never been a quilter. Now among 30-somethings in Los Angeles this is not unusual. But it is actually a bit of a surprise considering quilting fits right into my skill-set and, to a certain extent, my aesthetic. I spent much of my childhood sewing, mostly clothes, but some home goods, pillows, a dust … Continue reading »

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Experiencing Weightlessness

Imagine floating in space… balancing your body on a fingertip… An elephant 18,000 kilometers (11,185 miles) above the earth could balance on his trunk, like so… My favorite art has a sense of humor… Photos from French artist Daniel Firman’s website

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A Tree Grows in West Hollywood

When I gave tours of the set of the TV show I worked on for years (at some point, I became the go-to tour leader), I pointed out the earthquake resistant cross-bracing that the designer had included.  It was a great detail that subtlety reinforced the fact that our show was set in Los Angeles. … Continue reading »

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