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Feathery Chandeliers

One of the great/terrible parts of being an art or design student are those projects that you stay up and work on all night. It’s even better/worse when its a group project and you are staying up with a bunch of other students. Sometime the end result is more amazing than any one of you … Continue reading »

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Drift and Tangle

Since my post on Friday about the red chairs, I have found myself drawn to several other installations featuring red components. Red is such a powerful color. The color of blood and fire can be used to symbolize life, death, danger, passion, aggression… This work by Beili Liu is a much less tragic use of … Continue reading »

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The States

As part of my life list I would like to visit all 50 states + DC. I run into a little bit of a problem when I start to define what “visiting” actually means. Does changing planes in an airport count? What about driving over the state line, taking a photo and turning around? For … Continue reading »

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The Red Line

On April 6, 1992 I was a Freshman in high school. I had never heard of Sarajevo; I had barely heard of Yugoslavia. I don’t remember the 1984 winter Olympics, which (to my recollection) is pretty much the only time the western world had noticed Sarajevo before 1992. Quite honestly, I didn’t follow the breakup … Continue reading »

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Wind Instruments

My elementary school was only two blocks from my dad’s car dealership. In the morning my dad would drop me off on his way to work. After school I would walk down to his office and wait for my mom to come get me. This allowed her a little bit of freedom to plan her … Continue reading »

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Soft Psychedelic

Sarah Applebaum creates these amazing installations with knitted afghan blankets. It is like the Methodist Women’s knitting circle run amok.   I wonder how much she knits herself and how much is recycled.  That zig zag pattern on the right is verrrry similar to one I used to make blanket forts with back in the … Continue reading »

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As a kid, I had to wear tights every Sunday to church.I was a long legged kid and I outgrew pants and tights quickly. Slightly too small tights are the worst, you don’t know they are too small until you have been wearing them for a bit. They start to slowly work their way down … Continue reading »

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