Posted by on April 27, 2012

I had the opportunity to go to Transmission LA: AV Club last weekend at the Geffen Contemporary in downtown LA. It is an art/music/food/coffee/book event, and was a pretty amazing all around experience. The big draw for non-art folks is that Mike D of Beastie Boys fame was the curator (I literally ran into him in the line for coffee; but the encounter was wasted on me; I didn’t recognize him; my boyfriend did and was pretty stoked).

My favorite piece was an alley of spinning pinwheels…

The instillation is by Ara Peterson & Jim Drain. Museum goers can view this bit of whimsy from a balcony as well as by actually walking through the spinning wheels.

This little video from NotCot shows the effect much better than still photos can.

The experience was mesmerizing and multisensory. As you walk through the fans that are spinning the pinwheels blast you with air from different directions, and of course it sounds like you imagine a wind tunnel should sound. My only nitpick with the whole instillation experience was that I wish the fans had been more uniform and that the extension cords had been tidied. You can choose to make part of your instillation messy, but everything else was so clean and tight, that this looked like they just ran out of time, not like a choice.

Photo credits – images 1, 2 & 5 by  from here, images 3 & 4 by il Steege.

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