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Space and Gravity and Light

As a kid, I remember being memorized as I watched mylar strips change color as they moved in the wind. OK maybe that was last week, seriously it’s amazing how the colors appear as if by magic. This is “Standing Wave” by Alyson Shotz. Much of her work is colorless, using either clear or silver … Continue reading »

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I absolutely love the idea of walking down the street and seeing a building that is under attack by giant green tentacles. This is the work of street artist Filthy Luker. He challenges the viewer to see the world in a new way. It is amazing how happy these make me. all images from Filthy … Continue reading »

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You Say “Organic” Like it is a Good Thing

One of my farmer friends likes to point to “all natural” on food labels and say, “yeah natural, arsenic is natural too, doesn’t make it good for you.” I had a similar reaction to these installations by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveria. They can best be described as organic forms. But. Many of these look like … Continue reading »

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This is the time of year that people often make big life shifts. It is both graduation and wedding season, plus this year I have several friends who are either pregnant or have just had babies. I am in a bit of a transitional time too and I don’t know where or when things will … Continue reading »

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A Canopy

I have a fondness for the juxtaposition of architecture and contemporary art installations. This is a rather unassuming bridge in Rouen, France. Artist Arne Quinze added a canopy of orange and white lumber, and that upgraded the bridge from utilitarian to fantastic. From a distance the canopy looks like a solid piece, but up close … Continue reading »

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Tangible Air

I am a desert girl. A wave of dry heat that rises as the sun comes up feels like summer to me. In the winter I want the snow to really resemble powder. I hate it when you go skiing and they say, “we have fresh powder” and it is actually a thick, sticky, wet … Continue reading »

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Light Bulbs for Mother’s Day

I am about a week late with this, but when I saw this installation, I thought of my mom. She knows why. This is the ceiling of a store, covered with light bulbs. Curtsey of Jan Takahashi. Awesome store display has really taken off in the last few years. Only a few are electrified, but … Continue reading »

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I run on the beach a lot (well on the running path by the beach, not in the sand), and every so often I see an amazing sand castle. Because it does not rain that often in the spring and summer in Santa Monica a well constructed sand sculpture can last for a few weeks … Continue reading »

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Color in Light and Shadows

Each year the French Ministry of Culture and Communication invites an internationally renowned contemporary artist to install a specially created work in the Grand Palais Nave. The space is immense, about  13,500 square meters of floor space, topped high above with glass domes. This year French artist Daniel Buren was invited to create. His work, Excentrique(s), … Continue reading »

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Letting the Light Out

I can’t tell you how much I love to drive. I’ve been doing it a lot lately. I’m on my way to Canada, so I thought  it would be apt to spotlight a Canadian artist (pun totally intended). Kim Adams created this bit of awesome be removing most of the stuff inside this Dodge van … Continue reading »

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