Color in Light and Shadows

Posted by on May 14, 2012

Each year the French Ministry of Culture and Communication invites an internationally renowned contemporary artist to install a specially created work in the Grand Palais Nave. The space is immense, about  13,500 square meters of floor space, topped high above with glass domes.

This year French artist Daniel Buren was invited to create. His work, Excentrique(s), travail in situ, is a pretty amazing piece.

I am most excited about this project because it’s purpose is stated as being for the enjoyment of the people who interact with the work.  “MONUMENTA seeks to make engagement with Daniel Buren’s work an enjoyable, surprising discovery, an experience touching the individual in the depths of his humanity.”

All images from the Monumenta 2012 website

Daniel Buren’s website

Last year Anish Kapoor created Leviathan in this space, my post on it is here

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