Space and Gravity and Light

Posted by on May 31, 2012

As a kid, I remember being memorized as I watched mylar strips change color as they moved in the wind.

OK maybe that was last week, seriously it’s amazing how the colors appear as if by magic.

This is “Standing Wave” by Alyson Shotz.

Much of her work is colorless, using either clear or silver materials, this work is drenched with color, but the wave is constructed from a clear material, dicroic film. It reflects some light waves and refracts others, similar to the effect on dragonfly wings or peacock feathers.

She says her work is often about creating volume without mass. I love how it looks so solid from the front, but so open from the sides.

The piece changes as the viewpoint changes, which is kind of the way a wave works.

photos from here and here

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  1. amy h (cousin amy)

    Hey there, Sarah! I’ve really been enjoying your blog — good stuff.