Posted by on May 23, 2012

This is the time of year that people often make big life shifts. It is both graduation and wedding season, plus this year I have several friends who are either pregnant or have just had babies. I am in a bit of a transitional time too and I don’t know where or when things will settle.

This installation by Carlie Trosclair makes me think about that in-between space that only exists for a bit when things are in a state of flux. She created this gauzy hallway that is mostly transparent, but I bet when you are inside it is difficult to see out. That is kind of how it is in a transition. You hope you know where you are going, but the way is not always easy to see.

I love the mix of materials, wallpaper, torn gauze, chiffon. It looks both very pretty and a little decayed.

This is by no means her largest work or her most recent, but it is my favorite of her pieces. I think is is the perfect size, large enough to walk through, to immerse yourself in, but small enough to see all at once. Transitions can’t last for that long. If they start to, that state turns into normal.

All photos from Carlie Trosclair’s website

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