You Say “Organic” Like it is a Good Thing

Posted by on May 24, 2012

One of my farmer friends likes to point to “all natural” on food labels and say, “yeah natural, arsenic is natural too, doesn’t make it good for you.”

I had a similar reaction to these installations by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveria. They can best be described as organic forms. But. Many of these look like the type of “natural growths” that we call tumors.

Undeniably beautiful, they are also off-putting. Oliveria works mainly with plywood and metals, mostly reclaimed from construction sites. It is amazing how he is able to make dry, splintery wood look so gooey and goopy.

It is like a thick, viscus liquid has overwhelmed this building.

This piece is a little more playful, mainly due to color, the forms are still a bit menacing.

Although I love the scale of his exterior work, I do really like the way this last piece seems to intrude on and partially destroy the gallery.

All photos from Henrique Oliveria’s website

via Yellotrace

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